Experience Over 27 Years Of Marketing Success

The marketing we provide to promote your property has only one purpose - to increase awareness among potential buyers leading to in-person showings. Once buyers reach your front door, our job of marketing your property is nearly over. Your home must now compete with other homes in two areas; Features and Price.

More people will view your home online than will ever visit it personally. Getting, and holding their attention with flattering media and tons of information is the best way to increase the probability of an in-person showing.

Our "Dedicated Property Websites" Are The Key!

When the National Assocation Of REALTORS® quotes; "over 95% of home buyers use the internet when searching for a home". It's only common sense to provide a dedicated property website for each and every property I list, regardless of price or size. This assures your property can be accessed from any where in the world - allowing your home to be open 24/7. {view a Live Property Website}

Features your new "property website" will include:

• Unlimited Photographs • Realtime Video Tour • Interactive 360º Virtual Tour* • Professionally Written Narrative • Interactive Floor Plan • Open House Notices • Property Flyers • Property Disclosures • Inspection Documents

"Professional Photography"

After your home is properly staged and ready to show. We'll professionally photograph the inside and out, showcasing the property details and amenities. Using real full-frame cameras and advanced lighting technics, verses cell phone photos like many agents still use.

THE FACT IS: Over 95% of buyers are using the internet to search for homes - professional photography is essential to any comprehensive marketing plan.

"Understanding How Buyers Evaluate Homes"

If your home has more features that appeal to buyers - or your home is priced lower than comparable homes - your home will stand out as the better value. Conversely, if your home lacks the features that potential buyers desire, your only option is to compete on price.

To be effective, your home should stand out as one of the top two to three best values in your immediate market place.


Stand Out From The Crowd

"Real Time Video Tour"

In addition to professional photography, we create high definition videos for all of our listings. Verses a simple, inexpensive or out dated video "slide shows" made from the still photos. I think you’ll see the difference - I know your buyer will.

"Interactive 360º Virtual Tour"

Reserved for our Luxury Listings $1mil+, we take marketing to the next level by adding a mobile friendly, interactive 360 degree virtual tour. Buyers can look up, look down and look around, zoom into the next room and explore everything. It's a virtual birds eye view of the property, inside and out. (view in full screen)

"click the image to activate, then drag your mouse or fingers across the screen, and interact”

"For Sale Signs"


Signs That Are Everything Except The Ordinary

"our signs not only look great, they include property tour information that helps us to connect with more buyers, in a shorter amount of time"."

"Beautiful Color Brochures"

"the for sale sign is the perfect place for brochures, and putting them out for everyone to take, only seems only fitting”

"Massive Email Blast"

Getting The Word Out Beyond The Local MLS

"since the REALTOR® MLS has it's limitations, a listing may only be seen by someone that is actually searching for that specific type of a property, in that price range. But don't worry as we have yet another way to market to the masses”

Coming Soon To Over 11,430 Local REALTORS®

"Even More Solutions"

  • The Perfect Listing Price

    We know, if your property is priced to low, you'll be losing money. Priced to high you'll be losing money again, as the property will be ignored until it's reduced to sell. So our goal is to find that perfect price that will get your property sold for the highest amount, in the shortest amount of time.

    For us, pricing a property is not guess work, especially when you're using realtime factual data and 27 years of experience.

  • The All Mighty Visual Presentation

    Our highly successful marketing plans start with a fantastic, visual presentation that showcases the property in it's best light. Professional photography, video, interactive 360 tours and a property website are a large part of our digital and traditional marketing footprint, and they all aid in selling homes faster, and for more money.

    Wouldn't it be great if everyone provided beautiful professional photos, video and property websites... like we do.

  • Your Property On The Internet

    According to the National Association Of Realtors, over 94% of home buyers use the internet to find their next home. With facts like that, it makes incredible sense for us to go beyond the industry standard and market to the masses, beyond the reach of the local MLS.

    That's why we take the extra step and provide a "dedicated virtual-tour-website" for each and every property we sell. From farms to mansions, our property websites are a super effective marketing tool that other brokers will someday too, embrace in their marketing efforts as well.

  • Getting The Word Out

    Since the REALTOR® MLS has it's limitations, your listing may only be seen by someone that is actually searching for that specific type of a property, in that price range. But don't worry, as we have yet another way to "market to the masses".

    Our massive "email-blasts" get the word out to over 11,500 local brokers and thousands more throughout the World, via our international-affiliated office network.

  • Traditional Marketing Never Dies

    Picking up where digital marketing leaves off, and despite what other brokers may say. Using the services of the United States Postal Service is still a great way to communicate.

    We find sending "Just Listed" and "Just Sold" post cards to the neighborhood, is still very effective. You never know when someone needs to move up or down in size, or knows of a family member or friend that wants to live in your neck of the woods.

  • Broker & Public Open House

    Holding properties open on weekends is like turning on the "Open For Business Sign". An open house is the best tool there is to get the neighbors into your home. Many buyers brokers rely on weekend open houses to preview and show properties, because it's their clients' day off from work.

  • For Sale Signs With A Twist

    Placing a prominent "For Sale Sign" in your front yard is very traditional and is still, a very effective marketing tool.

    To spice things up, and to bring that traditional for sale sign into the digital age. We create beautiful, custom signs that also display the unique website address, so potential buyers can now view beautiful photos, watch videos and read about the property from anywhere in the world 24/7.

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"are you ready to buy or sell a property”
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