Let's Imagine For a Minute!

Imagine that you are in business with a partner and that partner has lots of rules that you have to follow. In fact, they act much more like your boss than a partner. They give you some support, but just enough to keep you from leaving them. However, these rules are dictating how your business operates and ultimately stifles your growth. ( ie, the dependent model ) Now imagine that you're in the same business, but your business partner is hands off. They give you very little support and help, and they expect you to assume all the risk that comes with running a business. In fact, your partner expects you to do it all and just send him a check. ( ie, the independent model )

What I just described for you are two opposite ends of the spectrum of real estate companies that exist, the dependent model and the independent model.


On the far left you have the "dependent company" model of traditional companies. These traditional brokerages try to keep you dependent on them by giving you just enough support to keep you in the rat race of real estate, which you pay dearly for.

There is not too much business building going on here. It will end up feeling more like a job. The irony is that you probably left your job to pursue real estate to have more freedom, so why would you join a company with a dependent business model?


On the far right you have the "independent or 100% companies." They have a hands off, landlord type relationship with you. Their fees are probably really low and it might even be a virtual office type of setting. You assume all the risk and receive very little support.

An independent model seems good at first, and they entice people with the promise of low fees. But if you're looking to build a sustainable business and be with a company committed to your growth, then this model will not give you what you're looking for.


Keller Williams founder Gary Keller, looked at both of these business models back when he started the company. At that time, those were the only 2 models out there.

He then set out to design a company that no agent would ever want or need to leave. This gave birth to what we now call the "interdependent model." It's like being in business with a partner who cares about your success, delivers value to you every day, and believes you are both stakeholders in the business together.

This model is built around the belief that you, the agent are the single most important asset to the company. There is a team-based approach and a collaborative mindset within the company. If you succeed... then we all succeed.

"I encourage you to read the article written by "Stanford University" on why the Keller Williams model is unique and, in my opinion, the best model for agents to build a great business.

Real Estate Training And Education

We have a goal of having the most educated agents in the industry, so that’s where we put our effort. From having the best real estate business model in the industry so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to the most specific and targeted new agent training program that shows you exactly what you need to do on when first starting out, KW is big on training and education!

The Keller Williams Culture

When we say family, we mean it. Our agents are an extension of our own families and we treat each as such. Our culture is a huge catalyst in our success as a company. Agents aren’t afraid of sharing ideas and secrets from their businesses because they truly care and will do anything to help each other. This sense of belonging has kept us growing even in the worst economy!

Real Estate Technology

Focusing our attention into the future of what and where real estate technology is headed is keeping our agents ahead of the competition. By creating mobile apps, Internet lead generation modules and business simplification tools, we can keep our agents doing what they do best. Selling real estate!

Passive Income Through Profit Share

This won’t cost you a dime and you’ll get money in your bank account every single month for the rest of your life! By simply sharing the business idea of Keller Williams with other like-minded associates and contributing to them joining the company, you will receive a portion of the offices’ profit for helping grow the company.


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Testimonials From Our Associates

5 Simple Reasons To Join Keller Williams


    In the begining, all of our associates have the same commission split; 70/30 with a "cap of just $20k" (maximum amount taken out during a given year). This low cap shows the agents exactly what they will pay the office each year so there are no surprises when it comes to paying the broker.

    Once the cap is reached, the agent is at 100% for the remainder of their fiscal year. This is usually the bottom line factor in why more agents are changing real estate brokers.


    Gary Keller designed a genius business model that focuses on building the business of the agent, not the company. Following the Millionaire Real Estate Agent model will allow agents the opportunity for maximizing growth/profits and building passive income.


    Agents at all levels need training. The superior up-to-date training opportunities at Keller Williams Realty will ignite the business of any professional agent. Many programs are designed based on production levels and strategies to reach the next level in building a Millionaire Real Estate business.


    Office morale is extremely important in creating a positive work environment. All agents are on the same commission split, so everyone is valued exactly the same. Since KW is a profit sharing company, each agent’s success is everyone’s success. Support and ideas are shared freely among agents at Keller Williams Realty.


    No one wants to be selling real estate when they are 90 years old, so KW gives you the opportunity to not only build an already great company, but add retirement income to your portfolio. Don’t miss out with other companies who take all the profits for themselves. Join Keller Williams and share the profits forever.


When I began my real estate career, I interviewed with four companies. KW was the only company that offered me a coach, a mentor to help me get started and taught me the many different aspects of the business. The technology that KW offers is second to none and has been vital to my business, as well as the unique, no cost training classes. I am about to complete my first year in November and I will be with KW FOREVER!!

Frank DiDonato
Bedford, Wa

I had a successful career in commercial real estate for 13 years in the San Francisco area and had left the business for family reasons. I was impressed enough with KW to re-license and start in residential. After a completing several sales transactions, I decided to join the newly formed KW Commercial team. Commercial is my niche and I love the professionalism of Keller Williams. The agents work with each other and help each other. The company stands second to no one.

Dale Richardson
San Diego, Ca

The integrity and professionalism of this company is just what this industry was lacking. I have worked for other companies, but the training and support from the front desk to our owner has been outstanding. I look forward to the future of Keller Williams, as it seems to be endless!

Lisa Bresnihan
Phoenix, Az

Every one in the business needes training. They have programs that are designed based on production levels and strategies to reach the next level in building a Millionaire Real Estate business. You can't go wrong!

Josephine Lawhorn.
San Francisco, Ca