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Why You Need A Buyers Broker

A Buyers Broker, either orally or under contact represents only your interests, not those of the seller. We must be loyal to you, follow your lawful instructions, provide you with all material facts that could influence your decisions, use reasonable skill, care and diligence and account for all monies handled on your behalf.

What Makes Us Different!

As your Buyers Broker either orally or under contact, we represent only your interests, not those of the seller. We must be loyal to you, follow your lawful instructions, provide you with all material facts that could influence your decisions, use reasonable skill, care and diligence and account for all monies handled on your behalf.

We are bound to use care and due diligence while performing my duties, We must disclose all material facts, and above all be honest.


Research and show you all homes on the market that meet your needs, including For Sale By Owner properties.


Provides data and analysis of comparable sales and market conditions to help formulate an offering price and negotiating strategy


Point out positive and negative aspects of each property so you can make a fully informed purchase decision.


Once a property is identified, write an offer and negotiate with only your interests in mind.


Provides reliable sources of lenders, inspectors, attorneys, insurance agents, and other professionals.

The Buyers Broker Advantage

Your Buyers Broker

As your Buyers Broker, my focus is keeping you informed of everything that takes place while negotiating the best price and terms for your new home.

The Conundrum

It's a fact, you can never get the lowest price, if you buy from the sellers listing-broker. Because the sellers listing broker is under contract to sell the property for highest price.

Cash Back Incentives

Combine the purchase of your new home with the sale of your old home. Upon the closing of your new home, we'll rebate a bunch of cash from the sale of your old home.

The Smart Home Buyers Toolbox

  • Getting Your Financing Together

    In a competitive market, sellers may refrain from entertaining offers from buyers that are not "pre-approved" for a loan. Being "pre-qualified" only gives you an idea of what you can afford, wherein, being "pre-approved" is an actual loan commitment. The last thing you would ever what to do, is to go into contract, and possibly forgo your earnest money deposit because, you can't get a loan.

  • It's Time To Write The Offer

    Once we've found your dream home, it's time for us to write a compelling offer. The ultimate goal is to get the seller to accept your offer, with your price and terms, and it's our job to make that happen. Many factors are used when writing an offer to purchase, including; current market, available financing, condition of the property, closing costs, due dilligence fees, disclosures, property taxes and much more.

  • The Discovery Period

    Once the contract is accepted by the seller, it's time for us to get to work with inspections and discovery, all while your home loan is being finalised. During this period, we'll keep you informed of every inspection and finding if any, and any problems that may arise. If there is a simple bump in the road or if negotiations become heated, we'll be there working for you, keeping everyone calm. While offering productive solutions to make everything workout in your favor.

  • Your Team Members

    Fortunately for you have many talented team players working for your cause. Everyone is in the boat together; closing attorneys, mortgage professionals, title insurance underwriters, pest control inspectors, transaction coordinators, mortgage bankers and many more.

  • The Settlement Meeting

    This is the big meeting at the closing Attorneys office and typically everyone is going to be there, including you, but not before our final walk through of the property. The closing Attorney runs the meeting, while the respective brokers represent their parties to the transaction. Together with the Attorney, we'll inspect all paperwork for accuracy, and work out any issues if any that are still at large.

  • The Closing

    We're almost done, as now it's time for the Attorney to once again step in and balance the books, record warranty deeds, pay off old loans and disperse monies from your new loan. Once everything is recorded by the Attorney at the County Recorders Office, the celebration begins. The keys to your new home await you.

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"technology will never replace what makes my team essential to the transaction"

RealtyONEGroup | Lifestyles is a full service, national brand real estate brokerage. We are highly admired for our distinctive property marketing, strong technological skills, in-the-trenches negotiating experience and superior customer service. Whether you're looking to purchase your first home or sell your fourth, our associates have the interpersonal skills needed to maintain a positive atmosphere during difficult negotiations. We walk our clients through the necessary steps in a meticulous fashion, ensuring the smoothest experience. Attention to detail has been at the core of our business model since day one.

Exploring The Raleigh Triangle Areas

The region known as the Triangle is luring nearly 80 new residents a day to the area with strong job growth and a high quality of life. It may be best known for it's research/technology roots and collegiate rivalries. It's encompassed by beautiful green spaces, family-friendly historic and modern museums and a growing art and music and deligthful restaurant and micro brew scenes. The Triangle has become one of America's greatest places to live.

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  • Central Raleigh

    • Active Listings: 993
    • Sold Listings:722
    • Average Price: $221k
  • North Raleigh

    • Active Listings: 968
    • Sold Listings:732
    • Average Price: $443k
  • Wake Forest

    • Active Listings: 698
    • Sold Listings:472
    • Average Price: $271k
  • Cary

    • Active Listings: 698
    • Sold Listings:232
    • Average Price: $366k
  • Chapel Hill

    • Active Listings: 398
    • Sold Listings:172
    • Average Price: $428k
  • Durham

    • Active Listings: 498
    • Sold Listings:272
    • Average Price: $376k
  • Garner

    • Active Listings: 368
    • Sold Listings:192
    • Average Price: $213k